TP Cost: 4

Health: 380

Armor: 7%

Evasion: 11.1%

Weight: 322 kg


Swerve 3 - Instant Execution

Evasion +30% for 7 seconds

Cast Time: 1 Second

Cost: 18 Energy

Engage - Instant Execution

Your receive 100% chance to deal a critical hit dealing 1.5x damage but reduce your evasion and armor to 0 for 10 seconds.

Cast Time: 1 Second

Cost: 50 Energy

Flavor TextEdit

This prototype of an engine was developed independantly by a couple of kids in high school. Who'd have thought?


A reference to the game Zendo.

As well as, likely, a reference to the engines used on the 'Pod Racers', as seen in Star Wars Episode 1.