This chassis is needed for the Grave Digger achievement.


TP: 14

Health: 772

Armor: 9%

Evasion: 4.3%

Weight: 1324 kg

Energy: 209

Energy Regeneration: 2.7/s


Weapon: 2

Turret: 1

Attachment: 1

Engine: 1


Undertaker - Interruptible Execution

The grim scrapper tears the soul of the opponent's chassis causing them to lose 2% of their HP in damage per interval for 3 seconds.

Cast Time: 3 Seconds

Cost: 40 HP

Flavor TextEdit

The Grim Salvager's choice when cruisin' in style.


This car is fittingly enough a Hearse, and the Grim Salvager is clearly based on the Grim Reaper

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