TP: 13

Health: 593

Armor: 7%

Evasion: 5.8%

Weight: 981 kg

Energy: 221

Energy Regeneration: 2.9/s


Weapon: 1

Turret: 1

Attachment: 1

Engine: 1


Strafe - Very Slow Execution

You gain +15% to deal a critical hit dealing 1.5X damage for the next 5 hits.

Cast Time: 1 Second

Cool Down: 8 Seconds

Attack Run - Interruptible Execution

You get in attack formation and line up shooting the opponent, starting at 2 ballistic damage and doubling every interval for 4 seconds or until interrupted.

Cast Time: 4 Seconds

Cost: 96 Energy

Flavor TextEdit

The spitsfire name won out over the less widely-recieved Hock-a-Loogie.