Winning 50 Quick Matches with this chassis awards you the Sküter Trooper achievement and the Sküter Gold Ed. chassis.

On tournaments the Sküter can be used for the "Sküter wars" type.


TP: 4

APM: 30

Health: 148

Armor: 3%

Evasion: 6.1%

Weight: 130 kg

Energy: 136

Energy Regeneration: 1.9/s


Weapon: 2

Engine Slot: 1


$5 Special - Instant Execution

10% of max HP is restored, you gain 10% evasion and armor for 10 seconds.

"Me love you long time."

Cast Time: 1 Seconds

Cooldown: 15 Seconds

Flavor TextEdit

Dorky helmet and highly fashionable summer-scarf are not included.


This chassis is a reference to 3-wheel-cars ("scooters") like the Daihatsu Midget

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