Shady van


TP: 7

Health: 562

Armor: 8%

Evasion: 1.9%

Weight: 1380 kg

Energy: 130

Regen: 2/s


Weapon: 1

Turret: 1

Attachment: 1

Engine: 1


Resist Freeze: This is a stackable aura that has a 100% chance to resist Freeze ailments.


Offer Candy - Very Slow Execution

This tastey candy lures the opponent into a false sense of security dealing 30 damage and lowering their armour by 20% for 25 seconds.

"Hey kid, want some caaaaandy?"

Cast Time: 1 second

Cooldown: 10 seconds

Flavor TextEdit

Pffft... This van looks perfectly legit.

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