Scrapton is the first city you are at when starting to play.
Scrapton city

Scrapton has an arena,
Scrapton parts
Parts Shop, alley (where one can find the Cursed Wrench) and a Mod-o-Tron (after the related quest is finished).

To get the key to the 2nd zone, Drybrook, one has to finish all Scrapton non-bonus quests (those on the first page of the Quest Log).

Parts ShopEdit


Big Ol' Weight - 3500 metal, 5 oil


Armor - 1200 metal
Regen - 1500 metal
Power - 1500 metal
Damage - 1500 metal
HP - 1500 metal
Evasion - 1800 metal
Asbestos - 2000 metal

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