This chassis is needed for the Punish the Naughty achievement.

Santa's Slay is part of the X-Mas Bundle.


TP: 9

HP: 660

Armor: 4%

Evasion 10%

Weight: 798 kg

Energy: 240

Regen: 2.5/sec

Ammo: 1


Weapon: 2

Turret: 1

Engine: 1

Attachment: 1


Resist Freeze: This is a stackable aura that has a 100% to resist the Freeze ailment


Deliver Presents - Slow Execution

Your craft recieves any 2 buffs. You're making a list, and checking it twice

Cast Time: 4 seconds

Cost: 1 Ammo

Flavor TextEdit

This sleigh was purchased from a repossession auction


This part used to be called Sleigh and was a rare chassis (until the X-Mas Bundle was re-released for Christmas of 2010) with the following stats:

TP: 8

HP: 515

Armor: 7%

Evasion 7%

Weight: 945 kg

Energy: 240

Regen: 2.5/sec