The Pilot in Junk Wars represents you. To customize your avatar click on the avatar icon. This will open up a customization screen where you can pimp your character. You can view your pilot and profile by clicking on your name in the top-left corner of the game interface. View others' profiles by clicking on their username in various areas of the game (user list, auction, etc).

Avatar Info

Left of the top navigation bar are:

  • Name
  • Strength
  • Rank
  • Rating
  • Level (and XP when hovering mouse over the yellow prgoress bar)

Above the top navigation bar are:

  • Resources (Metal & Oil)
  • Number of parts

Right of the top navigation bar are:

  • Icon to enable or disable Manual Challenges
  • Icon to enable or disable sound effects
  • Icon to access ingame mailbox
  • Server Time
  • Question mark icon to access tutorial
  • Free Oil (10 per day, 1 per win)
  • Server: Right now there is only Rusty, no matter if you play via Antic's website, or any of the portals (kongregate, facebook and bigpoint)

Profile Tab

The profile tab shows (visible to other pilots as well):

Your various Achievements can be viewed in their own tab.