Shops market
Packs (Boosters and Crates) can be bought at the market, accessible through the top navigation bar and cost metal or oil.

Also Scrap Metal can be bought for 80 oil, which is not advisable though, since oil is limited, while metal is potentially not.

Common Booster PackEdit

Cost - 1k metal
Rarity % - 95% Common, 5% Uncommon
Junk - 0-2 old junk
Blueprints - no

Basic Chassis PackEdit

max 15 TP chassis
Cost - 5k metal
Rarity % - 75% Common, 25% Uncommon
Junk - none
Blueprints - no

Uncommon Booster PackEdit

Cost - 25 oil
Rarity % - 95% Uncommon, 5% Rare
Junk - 0-2 decent junk
Blueprints - no

Rare Booster PackEdit

Cost - 200 oil
Rarity % - 95% Rare, 5% Exceptional
Junk - 0-3 good quality junk
Blueprints - yes

Exceptional Booster PackEdit

Cost - 2000 oil
Rarity % - 100% Exceptional
Junk - 0-4 high quality junk
Blueprints - yes

Booster BoxEdit

10 Rare Booster Packs
Cost - 1800 oil
Rarity % - 95% Rare, 5% Exceptional
Junk - 0-3 good quality junk (10x)
Blueprints - yes

Random Booster PackEdit

Cost - 10 oil
Rarity % - unknown, all possible
Junk - 0-4 any quality junk
Blueprints - yes


Rusty Crate of Junk Contains old pieces of junk. (I.e. common junk)

Silver Crate of Junk Can contain decent quality pieces of junk. (I.e. common and/or uncommon junk)

Gold Crate of Junk Can contain higher quality pieces of junk. (I.e. common, uncommon and/or rare junk)

Exceptional Crate Can contain junk of any quality. (I.e. common, uncommon, rare and/or exceptional junk)

  • This crate is only available through the junkpot

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