Krazy Train

This chassis is only available in the Tournament Shop for 10,000 Tournament Bucks.


TP: 28

Health: 375

Armor: 15%

Evasion: .5%

Weight: 2280 kg

Energy: 200

Regen: 4/s


Weapon: 3

Turret: 2

Attachment: 1

Engine: 1

Flavor TextEdit

Goin' off the rails on this Krazy Train!


This chassis is a reference to the song Crazy Train by Ozzy Osbourne.

This chassis is tied with the Skyshark with the most slots, both at 7. This chassis is also one of the few chassis with two turret slots. This is also the chassis with the highest base weight, starting at 2280 kg, and the highest base armour, starting at 15%. It also has one of the lowest base HP stats, with a measly 375.

This chassis used to cost 5000 TB.