Junk is used to make exclusive Mods & Parts in the Junk Builder.

To build these Mods & Parts one needs Blueprints (BPs) besides junk.

Junk 1

Junk & BPs can be obtained in 3 different ways:

Junk RarityEdit

  • common: 1-30
  • uncommon: 31-60
  • rare: 61-84
  • exceptional: 85+

Rarity scales with the TP of a part (not exactly sure about chassis), so when going for, e.g., Spring (35 rarity), best scrap 1 TP uncommon parts only.

Name Qlty Rarity Location Needed for
Aluminum 65 Rare Drybrook Shop Merciless, Rock Barrager, Zickler Mk. 2
Bike Horn 39 Uncommon
Broken Glass 9 Common
Bronze Trophy 1000 Exceptional 3rd in tourny
Bullet-Proof Glass 99 Exceptional
Carbon Fibre 89 Exceptional
Canister 15 Common Power I - III, Zickler Mk. 2
Chains 19 Common Drybrook Shop Big Ol' Weight, 2 Tonner
Circuit Board 43 Uncommon Regen II & III
Compressed Tank 55 Uncommon
Corroded Battery 42 Uncommon
Cracked Bearing 10 Common Evasion I - III, Bigger Bertha
Cracked Wood 33 Uncommon Krumbl Shop

Armor II & III
Diamond Dust 92 Exceptional Diamond Coat
Dukt Tape 31 Uncommon HP II & III, Merciless, Plated, Rock Barrager
Fibreglass 70 Rare
Fine Glass 83 Rare
Frosted Glass 55 Uncommon Krumbl Shop

Garden Hose 14 Uncommon Regen I - III
Gold Bolt 61 Rare Merciless, 2 Tonner
Gold Gear 67 Rare Bigger Bertha
Gold Trophy 1000 Exceptional 1st in tourny
Gun Powder 51 Uncommon
Hard Wood 69 Rare Plated
Hydraulics 80 Rare Bigger Bertha, Rock Barrager
Ice Cube 58 Uncommon
Igniter 53 Uncommon
Iron Fence 26 Common Drybrook Shop
Kerosene 48 Uncommon
Large Bullet Casing 74 Rare Merciless
Lens 63 Rare
Lg. Battery 73 Rare Zickler Mk. 2
Med. Bullet Casing 47 Uncommon Damage I - III
Microwave 51 Uncommon Merciless
Nozel 40 Uncommon
Old Scope 28 Common
Old Screws 2 Common HP I - III
Paint Bucket 6 Common
Plasmic Compound 93 Exceptional Zickler Mk. 2
Plasmic Hosing 79 Rare Zickler Mk. 2
Polished Wood 85 Exceptional Quest
Power Cell 96 Exceptional Quest Zickler Mk. 2
Reading Glasses 45 Uncommon Drybrook Shop
Rebar 20 Common Armor I - III, Cladding
Rope 17 Common Power I - III
Rubber 32 Uncommon
Rusty Bolt 1 Common Drybrook Shop Armor, Damage, Evasion, HP, Power, Regen
>continued< Big Ol' Weight, Bigger Bertha
Rusty Gear 8 Common
Rusty Metal 12 Common HP I - III, Big Ol' Weight, Bigger Bertha,
>continued< Rock Barrager
Rusty Nails 4 Common Damage I - III
Scrap Plastic 7 Common Drybrook Shop Evasion I - III
Scrap Wood 13 Common Armor I - III
Shiny Bolt 91 Exceptional Achieve
Shiny Gear 88 Exceptional Achieve
Shocks 66 Rare Bigger Bertha
Side Panels 22 Common Diamond Coat
Silver Bolt 30 Uncommon Krumbl Shop

Cladding, Rock Barrager
Silver Gear 34 Uncommon Krumbl Shop
Silver Trophy 1000 Exceptional 2nd in tourny
Siren 64 Rare
Sm. Battery 37 Uncommon Drybrook Shop Power II & III, Zickler Mk. 2
Small Bullet Casing 21 Common Damage I - III
Spring 35 Uncommon Evasion II & III, Rock Barrager
Steel 26 Common Plated, Big Ol' Weight, Bigger Bertha
>continued< 2 Tonner, Rock Barrager
Tarp 11 Common Regen I - III
Tension Coil 75 Rare
Titanium 100 Exceptional Cladding
Toaster 43 Uncommon
Wire Harness 57 Uncommon
X-mas Lights 52 Uncommon

The scrapping guide can be found here.

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