"You know what they say... money makes the world go 'round. In the case of Brokin, scrap makes the world go 'round."

Metal, Oil and Tournament Bucks (TB) can be used to purchase various items in the game. Metal is acquired from scrap after every victory, whether against a Bot or Pilot. Losing to a player still gives Metal, but losing to a bot gives nothing.

TB are gained in tournaments, 5 per round + bonus for the top 4 placements. The amount of TB owned can be checked in the lower left corner of the Tournament Shop.

In the Market, Packs of Parts can be purchased. Options include:

  • Common Booster Pack (1000 metal)
  • Basic Chassis Pack (5000 metal)
  • Uncommon Booster Pack (25 oil)
  • Rare Booster Pack (200 oil)
  • Premium Box (1800 oil)
  • Random Pack (10 oil)
  • Exceptional Pack (2000 oil)

Oil, and special Bundles can be purchased by the player using PayPal (on, or Kreds (on Kongregate) in the Junk Shop. Oil may also be acquired in game in a few various ways.