Bread Truck
This chassis is awarded for completing the quest Reach Level 5 and is needed for the Wonder Lorrie achievement.


TP: 8

Health: 711

Armor: 10%

Evasion: 1%

Weight: 1750 kg

Energy: 165

Energy Regeneration: 2.2/s


Weapon: 2

Turret: 1

Attachment: 1

Engine: 1


Smash! - Interruptible Excecution

You smash the opponent's craft dealing 2% of your weight in melee damage to them and 2% of their weight back to you per second for 4 seconds, or until you get hit.

Cast time: 4 Seconds

Cost: 50 Health

Flavor TextEdit

In between daily bread deliveries, this sturdy Lorrie can take a bustin' and keep on rustin